Cpe510 prior to purchase

Cpe510 prior to purchase
Cpe510 prior to purchase
2021-09-09 20:28:57
Model: CPE510
Hardware Version:
Firmware Version:

I am looking for advice prior to purchasing.


The setup is I have a 100 acre piece of land. It has woods in the middle 


On one side I have gigabit internet and a wifi router.


I need to get that signal to the middle of the property. 


What I am trying to figure out what pieces I need to make this happen. Do I need 2 CPE510s? Or just one?


Can the router in the middle pick up the signal from the local CPE510? I use the router to connect a couple PCs a camera and wifi for phones. 


What other pieces would I need to make this work? Cabling? I prefer to not have to trench in several repeaters and cables.


Thanks in advance 



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