Wifi effected when Ethernet used

Wifi effected when Ethernet used
Wifi effected when Ethernet used
2021-10-22 08:46:32 - last edited 2021-10-25 02:41:14
Model: TL-SG108E
Hardware Version: V6
Firmware Version:

Hi, Need some help.


I recently had installed ethernet cables to four rooms in the house.  Using a TL-SG108E switch.  When I run some of the house deciveson Ethernet the devices still on Wifi can be effected.  Mainly my work laptop which drops on both wifi and also ethernet if I plug it in.  Strange as my gaming desktop using the same cable does not get affected.  Also, the heating app on my Iphone (Netatmo) will not connect to the heating switch which runs on wifi.  If I disconnect the switch and rely on wifi again the heating app on the Iphone connects to the switch for the boiler no problem. 


Something is causing a conflict ?  The router is running on DCHP and all the devices seem to be on individual IP addresses.  I know its not the swtich and it has to be a router issue but anyone come across this before ?  Router is a Sky box.




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Re:Wifi effected when Ethernet used
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Can i ask how many devices you are connecting to the Sky Box?


I have seen a number of times now that the WiFi stops responding when 16 to 20+ devices are connected, few people have reported this too me.   All I can say is the sky router isn't very powerful and cant handle more than a few clients.


in every instance we either..

1. replaced the sky router with something more powerful

2. added a switch and AP, then turned off the wifi on the sky router so its basically serving internet only.