DFS and mesh

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DFS and mesh

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DFS and mesh
DFS and mesh
2022-02-13 00:42:50
Model: EAP225-Outdoor  
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version:

When using eap225-outdoor in EU, there are only few channels and whenever radar signal is detected, depending on settings, it is reported to all other clients and channel is changed.


On one location it happens 20-30 times/day which makes it impossible to be used as stable connection.


I believed that by using advanced settings like to use next root ap would resolve it in way that 2.4Ghz is used for connection until channel on 5Ghz is changed. But no, it is not possible because eap225-outdoor connects only over 5Ghz to mesh which I at least oversaw.


The only left solution is to additionaly purchase 2 additional eap225 outdoor, where one will be additional root ap and second would be its client.


Mistake to oversee that only 5 Ghz works produced some costs for me as I had to buy additional two devices, customer is of course too less satisfied despite getting 2 eaps for free, as customer did not plan to have 4 instead of 2 devices which additionaly disturb each other and both have to use high transmission power. This time I was even told that more power usage was not planned, I just laughed about it, but still, customer is right on that point too 


So far, eaps are either too sensible or too strong, because the place where those eaps are located has neither a hospital, railway station, airport, ... . Not sure about weather stations, with nearby weather stations disconnects happen 3-4 times a day, but here I experience few per hour.


The most annoying un it is the way how omada handels channel change, it takes minutes which is not explainable to me as well as the requirement to newly adopt and provision. In general, from 60 minutes, at least 10 minutes are spent for readoption and provisioning, kinda unacceptable to be offline almost 2-5 hours a day.


All of that makes eap outdoor in some EU countries quite useless, controller should be able to control it, I see no reasons other than software based to make eap225 able to switch from 5 to 2Ghz for those few seconds, then whole process would be at least unvisible to users and would resolve the issue with time critical applications.


With cpe's 5Ghz I had same problem, but using them in 4 pack with 2 tunnels worked then, DFS seems to be in its junior development, it is indeed not tplinks fault that some govs keep those frequencies for them, but sadly tplinks eap mesh using only one root ap can not be used for stable connection unless I buy additional hardware. 


@Fae I guess it is valid point for small business and home users to know that using only one root ap makes network unusable due to radar interference and that fixed channels outdoor can not be used. If I get anything wrong or mixed something up, please let me know, mistakes happen and one has to learn from it, at least for me it seems I will not recommend eap's for some EU countries for use cases with only one root ap.




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