Omada API V2

Omada API V2
Omada API V2
2022-06-04 08:51:15
Model: EAP225  
Hardware Version: V5
Firmware Version: 5.3.1

I tried to retrieve user information via api, I manage to connect and retrieve the session token as indicated on the documentation, but I cannot use the omada API correctly; for example to retrieve user information or online users.
I use PHP CURL, while all the scripts I found on the net are in python.
does anyone have any idea how to do this in php? all the scripts I found are in python, but none in PHP.
I would like your advice and thank you.
I read the documentation "Omada_SDN_Controller_V5.0.15 API Document" but I can't understand how to use the "Body" parameters



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