Setup EAP615-Wall

Setup EAP615-Wall
Setup EAP615-Wall
2022-06-29 18:53:23
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.1.0

Dear community,


I have the EAP610 in use via Omada 5.3.1 software controller, works fine,

In my office the signal is not sufficient and I add the small EAP615-Wall. This is absolutely great for my purposes, since I can use the uplink’s for my two PCs but at the same time phone and tablet connected over WiFi.


The latest FW is installed but I can't get it connected the way I currently have it in standalone mode.


I don't need the max speed, so the 54Mbit @2,4 Ghz (802.b/g mixed wireless mode) set now is fairly enough for me without QoS - that's a dream.

And now the nightmare, for 2 days I'm trying to set this in the Omada controller software, or find what I can not.


I don't understand the sense at the Data Rate Control, how do I set my desired values?

That only lets me turn off slow mode's?

I read here that since version 5.3.1 the possibility to turn off QoS has been removed, is downgrade an option ?


I really appreciate any help you can provide!