ER7206 - Bandwidth Control has no effect

ER7206 - Bandwidth Control has no effect

ER7206 - Bandwidth Control has no effect
ER7206 - Bandwidth Control has no effect
2023-03-26 02:34:56
Tags: #bandwidth control
Model: ER7206 (TL-ER7206)  
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.2.3

Hi sir,


I connect two gaming consoles(PS5 and PS4) to ER7206, and connect WAN and WAN/LAN1 ports to single ISP modem, the ISP provides 300M download and 150M upload bandwidth with 6 fixed IP addresses service, I assigned two IP addresses for both WAN and WAN/LAN1 ports, and follow below FAQ to let my PS5 route to WAN and PS4 route to WAN/LAN1 port.


And then, since there is only one line from ISP means that my PS5 and PS4 shares the same 300M/150M bandwidth, so I tried to config the Bandwidth Control as below:



But, when I use the browser from PS4 and try to test the speed thru, the result seems the speed did not limited:



I have tried the mode option from Bandwidth Control but no matter it is with Shared or Individual, all the result are the same.


Please guide me how to limit the bandwidth for both PS5 and PS4 as download with 100M and upload with 50M, thank you!



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Re:ER7206 - Bandwidth Control has no effect
2023-03-26 03:21:12

  @jackylee0908 I found this to also mostly be the case, and I have a ER605 which unfortunately kept dropping connections when bandwidth was maxed out....  But I was running tests yesterday and found the Bandwidth Threshold now works.... So maybe just enable that and set your WAN limits and I set my to kick on at 95%.  It never used to work on the old firmware and caused real bad ping spikes when it kicked on but it atleast seems to be working now but yes they really need some more info around this.



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