What Should I Do If the EAP Doesn't Broadcast the SSID

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What Should I Do If the EAP Doesn't Broadcast the SSID

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What Should I Do If the EAP Doesn't Broadcast the SSID
What Should I Do If the EAP Doesn't Broadcast the SSID
2023-07-17 08:52:06 - last edited 2024-01-02 02:16:12

Hello Everyone,


If you are experiencing issues where the EAP wireless connection stops working after a period of time, please refer to the troubleshooting points provided below.




This issue is characterized by client devices being unable to detect the SSID on either frequency band, as the EAP's SSID stops broadcasting. This happens even when the clients are in close proximity to the access point.




Note: If you are setting up the EAP for the first time, we strongly recommend performing a RESET on the EAP to check if client devices can detect the default WiFi name, such as TP-Link_5G_XXX/TP-Link_2.4G_XXX.


1. Check the physical connection.


Please ensure that all Ethernet cables are functioning properly and check if the wireless LED light on the EAP is illuminated. We recommend using different power supplies (such as a POE Switch or POE Adapter) to test if the issue is due to an unstable power supply.


2. Test with multiple Client Devices.


Please perform a power cycle on the EAP and ensure that you have attempted to connect to both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz SSID using different client devices. Test whether all devices, including PCs and mobile phones, are unable to detect the SSID. For accurate testing, place the client device in close proximity to the EAP.


3. Change Wireless settings.


  • Make sure the SSID Broadcast and Wireless Radio are enabled.

  • Confirm that the WLAN Schedule is disabled.



  • Try experimenting with different Channels and Channel Widths for the dual-band. 

  • Test with various Tx Power options, such as Low, Medium, or High.



  • Change the WPA security encryption method. Additionally, you may also try setting up a test SSID without a password or any advanced settings for Specific EAP. 



4. Factory reset.


When using a pin to press the Reset hole, please observe any changes in the lights on the EAP.

If you are unable to find the default WiFi name, such as TP-Link_5G_XXX, on your phone or PC when the EAP is being used in standalone mode, please follow these steps:

1) Access the router's web interface and navigate to the DHCP Client list.

2) Check if you can locate the EAP in the list and note down its IP address. If you can see the EAP and its IP address, please proceed with the following steps:

  • Ping the IP address as per the instructions in the provided document.
  • If the ping is successful, you can use this IP address to log into the EAP web interface.



3) If you are unable to find the EAP on the DHCP Client list, please follow these steps:

  • Disconnect the EAP from your router, and connect a PC to the EAP using the Ethernet cable.
  • Set a static IP address, such as, on the PC. For instructions on how to set a static IP address, please refer to this guide.
  • Ping the EAP's default IP address, If you are able to successfully ping this IP address, please use to log into the EAP's management page.


4) Please check if both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wireless Radio, as well as the SSID Broadcast, are enabled.





If you encounter this issue, please follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned above. Additionally, make sure that both your Omada Controller and EAP have the latest firmware installed.


If the issue persists even after trying the suggestions mentioned above, please don't hesitate to submit a ticket to the TP-Link Technical Support team. Provide them with detailed information, including the steps you have already tried, for further assistance.


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Thank you in advance for your valuable feedback!


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