VIGI NVR1008H-8MP V1 _1.0.3 Beta Firmware (Released on Sep 12th, 2023)

VIGI NVR1008H-8MP V1 _1.0.3 Beta Firmware (Released on Sep 12th, 2023)

VIGI NVR1008H-8MP V1 _1.0.3 Beta Firmware (Released on Sep 12th, 2023)
VIGI NVR1008H-8MP V1 _1.0.3 Beta Firmware (Released on Sep 12th, 2023)
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We hope to offer you a chance to experience the new features added in the NVR1008H-8MP(UN)V1.0 version 1.0.3 in advance, and also give us TP-Link the opportunity to fully test the firmware in your real network environment and scenarios before the official release. All feedback is welcome, including letting us know about successful upgrades.


Release Notes


New Feature/Enhancement


1. Target Tracking for PTZ cameras: The new version of the firmware will allow to configure the Target Tracking feature for VIGI PTZ cameras from the NVR. (Requires the camera itself to support target tracking)

2. Time calibration: Improves the accuracy of time synchronization between cameras and NVRs and avoids double time correction when cameras are managed by multiple NVRs.
3. Real-time configuration synchronization: Now, The NVR can detect and synchronize real-time changes by other management methods.
4. Live view:  Optimize the smoothness of the live video preview with a resolution of 3840*2160 and an FPS of 30.
5. Video Streaming: Optimized network connection mechanism. Now VIGI APP and VIGI Security Manager can establish direct network connections with NVRs in more complex network environments for unlimited video preview.      
6. Video output(Monitor): Reduced the aliasing and optimized the image effects on the directly connected monitor.       
7. Events List: The snapshot of the event is modified from a dynamic picture of the main stream to a static picture of the sub-stream.Dramatically optimize the loading speed of the event list.



This version of the NVR is fully applied to the Android VIGI APP of version 2.0.14 or above, iOS VIGI APP of version 2.0.17 or above, and VIGI Security Manager of version 1.5.16 or above.


Firmware Download


Before the Upgrade

(1) Please be sure you have read the Beta Test Agreement before upgrading the Beta firmware!

(2) Just in case, it's always recommended to save a copy of the NVR Config file before upgrade or downgrade.
(3) You may follow the User Guide to upgrade your NVR.
(4) The following beta firmware cannot be upgraded via TP-Link cloud access, please access the NVR through the Web Management interface or VIGI Security Manager.


Firmware Download Link

VIGI NVR1008H-8MP(UN) V1.0 V1.0.3


Additional Information


If somehow you encounter an issue during or after the upgrade, it's suggested to contact us with the following info:


  • Camera Model(s), Hardware, and Firmware versions.
  • Detailed description of the issue.
  • Related settings items. (Screenshots, Pictures or screen records)
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