CPE510, Router/Client connectivity issue

CPE510, Router/Client connectivity issue

CPE510, Router/Client connectivity issue
CPE510, Router/Client connectivity issue
2023-09-18 11:32:32
Model: CPE510  
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Hello Team,


We have installed CPE510, outdoor access point in our client site, we are repeatedly facing issue of connectivity. We have connected 2 CPE510 with each other as a router and client. For sometime everthing work well, but after sometime they use to get disconnect with each other. Then we have to Power off both antennas and restart them, then they will start working again, but after sometime they again gets disconnected.


Kindly help us with this issue, as we have multiple setup's like this, and all setup's are facing same issue. 

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Re:CPE510, Router/Client connectivity issue
2023-09-19 02:38:51



Two CPEs do network extension point-to-point and have dropout problems, you need to go section by section to troubleshoot the possible causes.
You can first test whether this end of the AP CPE is working properly, if not, that means the problem may appear in the front end, you can change the network cable and check the router in the front end.

If the AP CPE is working, go to the CLient interface and check the Radio Status to see if it is properly connected to the AP CPE.

If it is properly connected, it is recommended to try different channels and channel widths on the AP CPE to see which one is more stable.


Check the firmware version, if it is not the latest one, you can upgrade it.

If this is no help, you will have to reset and reconfigure.
Also, make sure that the view between the two CPEs is clear.

Just striving to develop myself while helping others.


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