Limit access only to VPN users

Limit access only to VPN users

Limit access only to VPN users
Limit access only to VPN users
2024-03-01 08:41:31
Tags: #VPN
Model: ER605 (TL-R605)  
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version:

I played with the firewall and it seems like it uses ports and IP addresses. IP addresses are very easy to hijack. Some MiTM can hijack the MAC too.

I need the router to allow only users who know the shared key pass through. I want the firewall to try to decrypt the packet and if it fails, then to drop it. This way I know only VPN users have access. Any other means of firewalling are worthless from a security point of view.

Given the fact that the firewall only uses ports and IP addresses to take a decision, maybe, I don't know, the router will inherently, by default allow only packets that were successfully decrypted on a given interface that has encrypted tunnel enabled on it. I don't know how the tp-link router handles this, this is why I ask. I need controll access, not anonymity of payload data. I would use PPPoE Server service offered by other tp-link router models, where it is clearly stated in the configuration menu that only users with a password can pass, but PPPoE control bytes are not encrypted and therefore easy to hijack.

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Re:Limit access only to VPN users
2024-03-04 01:56:55

Hi @Bimo 

Thanks for posting in our business forum.

"shared key pass through", consider the portal. With a password to get the Internet.

"decrypt the packet", no. We don't do that. AFAICS, you may find DPI suitable for your setup. I am not sure if it meets your definition of "decryption".

If not, there is nothing else on the router for you. You may seek alternative solutions.

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