IPTV on TL-R470T+

IPTV on TL-R470T+
IPTV on TL-R470T+
2014-05-11 01:21:57 - last edited 2021-08-21 03:59:37
Region : UnitedStates

Model : TL-R470T+

Hardware Version : V3

Firmware Version :


Hi! I'd like to tell you my situation and see if it is possible to do what I want.

I have the TV and internet service provided by the same ISP. The DSL connection transmits internet and TV (IPTV) separately, I mean, the modem has 2 WAN configurations: one for internet and the other for IPTV. The modem's 4 LAN ports available are assigned to use just one of the services. I am able to watch TV on VLC using an IP address for each channel by connecting my PC to one of the assigned IPTV LAN ports.
This is really cool but there's a problem, If want to watch TV on my PC, I cannot surf the web since it is not possible by using the IPTV LAN port. So an idea came out: what about the balance router. Can this router transmit internet and IPTV on the same network by routing the IPTV traffic to one specified WAN port? So the web surfing will continue working the way it does now and I want to watch TV, it will notice it and route the traffic to the specified WAN connection.

Now the load balance broadband router is working just fine with 2 internet connections.

Thanks for helping me!