Help with CPE210 Setup between 2 buildings

Help with CPE210 Setup between 2 buildings
Help with CPE210 Setup between 2 buildings
2017-04-09 01:28:15
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Hello everyone.

My girlfriend, daughter and I recently moved to a new apartment, where we can only get crap internet (max 50/10. Had 300/300 in old apartment).
So we thought "can we catch the signal from my parents?".
My parents live 45 meters (measured with golf binoculars, so distance can vary ~2 meters) away from us and have a 400/400 connection.

So we bought a CPE210 and ran the setup so we can connect to it from our phones etc.., which is working just fine,.. until we have to catch the signal at our apartment.
We simply cannot get the signal to reach us, and with a 2km+ range, 45 meters should be fairly easy :)

I'm including a few pictures so you guys can see how it's placed and how the LoS is.

My parents' home is the red building in the background with the small round window.
The device is placed in the attic just behind the small round window as shown on the 3rd picture.
The view on the 1st picture is from just outside my frontdoor.
The 2nd picture is taken from my daughters room, where I would like to put a router or something to catch the signal and create a wifi space for our apartment.
Both places have, what I would call a clear LoS but we have been unable to catch the signal.

I have to say that I am quite unfamiliar with setting up this stuff, so throwing out alot of fancy words will most likely confuse me :D
Although I am fairly good at computer, so with a bit of help I am sure we'll figure it out.

Any help would be appreciated, because right now we are using all our data on our phones to have some kind of internet :)

Thanks in advance.
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Re:Help with CPE210 Setup between 2 buildings
2017-04-09 16:51:32
You should place the CPEs on the outside of the buildings (CPEs are outdoor APs) and you will have to align them carefully to each other - either use the LEDs on the client device or the Status page of the web UI to do so.
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