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By MarcoE 2021-01-31 13:41:22

TL-R605 with OC200 L2TP/IPSec DNS Setting cannot be changed

Hi, my setup is a TL-R605 controlled by a OC200 (all FW up-to-date) and normal network works. I've setup now a VPN (VPN Server L2TP) to which I can connect using iOS, Android and Windows. The problem
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By ITV 2022-08-11 20:35:01

VPN with public dns?

Team, See also attached screenshot: I'm trying to setup an OpenVPN connection with the attempt of having all traffic routed via this VPN. However, based on the DNS-settings it looks like at least part
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By TechMech 2021-11-20 07:21:13

ER605 - DNS SERVER (pi hole) cannot ping router - router can ping DNS ???

Hi, I am having an extremely weird issue if no one else could solve this its 100% a bug as I cannot get my head around it. Okay purchased a new ER605 set it up all worked fine, now I have a pi hole se
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By vsk1 2022-10-16 03:03:36

ER605 V2 : 2 LAN Setup connected to "unmanaged" switch - Firewall rules

Hey there, This is what I am planning to do..... VLAN100 192.168.100.XXX VLAN->Ports 1. Remove (uncheck checkbox) ports 4 and 5 2. Include (check checkbox) Ports 2 and 3 and dropdown is UNTAG Hence fo
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By peli4for 2021-12-16 20:54:46

Fritzbox als Telefonanalge (Festnetz und DECT) Keine Tonübertragung

Hallo, heute bemerkte ich, das nach dem Aufbau mancher abgehender Telefonverbindungen zwar eine Telefonverbindung aufgebaut wird, aber keine Töne übertragen werden. Ich vermute, das an irgendeiner Ste
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By LucioRib 2022-07-27 14:35:44

ER605 - Force all traffic through VPN not Working

Hello everyone, I configured the OpenVPN with ER605 running in "Stand Alone Mode" and all works fine. When I add the entry [push "redirect-gateway def1"] into client config-file to force all traffic t