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By Fae 2022-01-28 07:23:16

ER605 v2, the first SMB router that supports 4G/3G USB Modem function.

Hi Everyone, We’re excited to announce the official launch of ER605 v2 here! ER605 v2 is the first SMB router that supports 4G/3G USB Modem function, and adds the new features such as IPTV, DHCP Optio
Forums/ Routers
By coofercat 2021-12-17 20:44:09

IPSEC VPN from tp-link to AWS?

Has anyone managed to get a tp-link device to create an IPSEC VPN to Amazon AWS? The closest I found was this post: I'm real
Forums/ Controllers
By Fae 2022-04-15 09:15:15

Speedtest on Omada Controller v5.1 Doesn't Take Effect [Case Closed]

Update on 14 August, 2022: The Omada Controller v5.4 has removed the periodic speedtest functionality, including the historical stats of speedtest. For more details, please refer to this thread post.
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By tekneon 2021-10-17 21:03:16

mDNS repeater across VLANS

Hi, I did not found an mDNS on the omada controller to enable discovery across multiple vlans ... this is definitely something missing for the people, like me, that are using Omada devices in their ho
Forums/ WiFi
By Chad711 2021-09-27 02:16:27

TP-Link doesn't support mDNS? Just bought a whole setup (EAP, Controller, Smart Switch. Router)

I'm doing some research and this is what I keep seeing. Is this correct? If so why wouldn't these modern day devices provide mDNS options? I just bought all this equipment to secure my home network to
Forums/ Switches
By StefanDevernon 2021-08-16 09:07:10

ACL between VLAN and Routed Port

Hello all, I have a TL-SG3428MP and I'm quite happy with my configuration so far. Now I have a question regarding ACL. I set up the hardware in my office just to test everything. See the infrastructur