Speedtest on Omada Controller Doesn't Take Effect.

Speedtest on Omada Controller Doesn't Take Effect.
Speedtest on Omada Controller Doesn't Take Effect.
2022-04-15 09:15:15 - last edited a week ago

This Article Applies to:


ER605 managed by Omada SDN Controller

ER7206 managed by Omada SDN Controller


Issue Description/Phenomenon:


Recently we received feedback that the Periodic Speed Test doesn't work though it's enabled, the Speed Test Statistics just shows nothing. And manual Speed Test on Dashboard (ISP Load) gets failure with no results.




After troubleshooting with 2 different users, TP-Link Team found that the issue is caused by the incorrect WAN DNS Server config, as you can see as below, the WAN DNS server is set as the IP address within the LAN subnet. 



As a result, the domain name cannot be resolved when speedtest runs and the controller cannot obtain the ookla speedtest configuration, which lead to the speedtest failure.


In this case, the issue can be resolved by deleting the wrong DNS or by re-configuring it with a public DNS server like




If you encounter such issue, please follow the troubleshooting above to check your WAN DNS settings. Besides, ensure your Omada Controller and Gateway (ER605/ER7206) are running with the latest firmware.


If the issue still exists after you try the suggestion above, please feel free to comment below.


Thank you in advance for your valuable feedback!



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Re:Speedtest on Omada Controller Doesn't Take Effect.
a week ago - last edited a week ago

  @Fae I am still having issues with the speed test and the above solution does not apply. Please see the attached images:


System Info:

ER605 v1.0


Both WAN ports running at full duplex and 1000mpbs

Load Balancing enabled at 1:1

Solely acting as Load Balancing server (Firewall/VPN/various other services off)

Hardware Offload: Enabled

LLDP: Enabled