OC200 gets wrong System Time and Date via NTP Server

OC200 gets wrong System Time and Date via NTP Server

OC200 gets wrong System Time and Date via NTP Server
OC200 gets wrong System Time and Date via NTP Server
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Model: OC200  
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Omada Controller OC200


Issue Description/Phenomenon:


We noticed that some forum users reported the OC200 failed to synchronize time via NTP Server, and the phenomena can be divided into the following two cases:


Case 1:

The system date of OC200 doesn’t change at all.

For example, OC200’s system date always stays on July 1, 2021, meaning tomorrow will also show it’s July 1, 2021.


Case 2:

The system date of OC200 changes but the date is inconsistent with the current date.

For example, the OC200’s system date shows it’s July 1, 2021, while the current date is August 19, 2021. Tomorrow it will be July 2, 2021, while it should be August 20, 2021...


Troubleshooting Suggestions:


If you happen to suffer from the issue above, here are some troubleshooting suggestions for you:


Note: before you try the following suggestions, please ensure the firmware version of your OC200 is up-to-date.


1. Ensure the OC200 can get Internet access


The OC200 requires Internet access to synchronize time from the NTP Servers, you may configure Cloud Access or SMTP Server to verify if the OC200 can get Internet access.


If you can successfully configure Cloud Access and access the OC200 via the cloud website (https://omada.tplinkcloud.com), it means the OC200 gets Internet access.


2. Ensure the NTP Server is configured properly.


The Omada Hardware Controller may NOT synchronize the system time from the NTP Server if you configure the NTP Server only. It’s required to modify the Time Zone or other Controller settings to trigger the synchronization.


So you may navigate to Settings -> Controller on your OC200,

1) Change the Time Zone to a foreign time zone and configure the NTP Server, then Save;

2) Change the Time Zone back to your time zone, then Save.


3. Ensure the DNS server can resolve the NTP Server successfully.


You may try to sync time on a computer or other device in the same local network, if the computer failed to get the correct time either, it's more likely the DNS server is not configured properly. In that case, try changing the router’s DNS server for checking, for example, change the DNS servers to and


4. Ensure the OC200 keeps running for more than 24 hours


The OC200 updates the NTP every 24 hours. If the OC200 is scheduled to reboot every day, but the OC200 fails to synchronize the system time from the NTP server, it may result in that the system time circulates on the same day (Case 1).


So please ensure the uptime of your OC200 is more than 24 hours.


5. Turn off Modem/Router Firewall settings or lower firewall level for test purposes.


Here is a successful case for your reference,

OC200 Time and Date via NTP Server - *SOLVED*


In the above case, the OC200 is set up as Guest-LAN via the Fritz!Box Router, the issue was finally resolved by disabling the “Limit Internet Services: Only Surf and Mail” option under the Guest Network settings on the router.



If the issue persists, please email us with the following information to get further assistance.


Email to: support.forum@tp-link.com

Subject: [Forum ID 273926] OC200 gets wrong System Time and Date via NTP Server


Be sure to provide the information below in the email:

1) The troubleshooting you have tried and the results you get.

2) The model number of the router/gateway.

3) Network diagram which shows how the devices are connected.

4) Running Log (it can be exported under Settings -> Services -> Export Data -> Running Log).


Thank you for your great cooperation and patience!

TP-Link Support Team

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