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Forums/ Routers
2023-12-11 21:46:36
Re:Startup and reboot times on ER7212PC painfully slow
@Clive_A Hi, That may be true but the loading time is way too long. If you have additional POE devices behind the 7212 the entire process takes up to 30 minutes.... I was one of the first to buy the...
Forums/ Controllers
2023-02-07 18:23:06
Re:Omada OC200 v1.0 5.4.7 - DHCP not working and other problems
@PavelV Thank you for this article.... I smashed a monitor and my glasses on the floor because of this inferior implementation of DHCP. The DHCP should be completely redesigned and the adopt-system...
Forums/ Requests & Suggestions
2022-12-12 10:29:11
Re:ER7212PC can't assign profiles to switch ports.
@LordPayder WOW.... this makes the product completely useless... Why would we need yet another home-device? I've tried for hours and hours to do the "normal" Omada things but no way! To TPLink @Fae...
Forums/ WiFi
2021-06-16 18:29:54
Re:Intermitted disconnects EAP620 HD(EU)/EAP225-Outdoor(EU) to Sonoff/Shelly
@F-BOS Sorry for my absence.. it just took a while.... fixing the engine of a moving car in a household with 4 females just takes a while. Based on Alex’ response I terminated ALL multicast traffic...
Forums/ WiFi
2021-05-26 22:24:06
Intermitted disconnects EAP620 HD(EU)/EAP225-Outdoor(EU) to Sonoff/Shelly
I intended to replace my Fortinet AP’s (2x 221 and 1x224) to improve performance, robustness, reliability. With TP-Link I thought I found the solution. I have 2 EAP620 HD(EU) and 1 EAP225-Outdoor(EU)...