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Forums/ Routers
2023-12-31 04:53:50
Re:Router Omada Detected TCP SYN packets attack and dropped xxx packets every 10 minutes, 24/7
@Clive_A I've also had the same alerts since updating my router firmware. Router is ER7206 V1 firmware 1.4.0, and I'm not running any external servers but do have DynDNS. I've turned off TCP SYN...
Forums/ WiFi
2023-10-01 06:33:12
Re:EAP610(US) V2.0 PPSK without RADIUS still not available, causes AP to stop transmitting
@Hank21 Thank you for the notification of the beta release, but I do not consider this a solution without an official release. And I find the recent heavy use of beta releases instead of official...
Forums/ Controllers
2023-04-24 02:48:46
Re:Omada SDN Controller GUI Feedback
@Hank21 On a site Dashboard widget or Reports -> Wireless Devices. Show which APs are broadcasting on which channels in one graph. Currently the closest is "Wi-Fi Traffic Distribution" widget, but it...
Forums/ WiFi
2023-04-18 04:17:31
EAP610(US) V2.0 PPSK without RADIUS still not available, causes AP to stop transmitting
@Fae @Hank21 The EAP610(US) V2.0 was to have PPSK without RADIUS enabled along with the EAP650/670, and still does not have this function enabled. Now that the EAP620HD V1 has a beta firmware working...
Forums/ WiFi
2023-02-21 06:31:08
Re:Seamless Roaming with Android Pixel phones - does it work?
@am4c130d A few things to try, use the combo WPA2 and WPA3 mode for the SSID, in case the Pixel just doesn't like WPA3 transitions. If you have 11r turned on, try turning it off, it's known to cause...
Forums/ Switches
2023-02-18 03:23:39
Re:TL-SG108E Switch VLANS and Ubiquiti/UniFi Switches
@DougSCH I'm assuming you are setting the switch static IP to be in the VLAN 50 range, otherwise I don't think that VLAN 50 is doing anything for you since VLAN 1 is also isolating the access ports...