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Forums/ Controllers
By Hank21 2023-04-21 08:00:52

Omada SDN Controller GUI Feedback - [Closed on May 29th, 2023]

This is a post to get feedback from all community members. Writing down the suggestions of Omada SDN Controller GUI with: Page display (text, icons, overall presentation, etc.) Configuration interacti
Forums/ WiFi
By JoeSea 2023-04-18 04:17:31

EAP610(US) V2.0 PPSK without RADIUS still not available, causes AP to stop transmitting

@Fae @Hank21 The EAP610(US) V2.0 was to have PPSK without RADIUS enabled along with the EAP650/670, and still does not have this function enabled. Now that the EAP620HD V1 has a beta firmware working
Forums/ WiFi
By am4c130d 2023-02-21 00:31:07

Seamless Roaming with Android Pixel phones - does it work?

Hi, I have two EAP615s and one EAP610 configured with a single SSID on 5GHz using 80Mhz channels. I'm running Omada software 5.7.4 on a Linux server that is permantly powered/active. I've enabled fast
Forums/ Switches
By DougSCH 2023-02-17 16:23:13

TL-SG108E Switch VLANS and Ubiquiti/UniFi Switches

Hello, I have several TL-SG108E and TL-SG108PE switches that have been configured to work with Ubiquiti switches and VLANs. I will post the configuration steps below. Everything has been working great
Forums/ Switches
By rama3124 2023-02-17 23:30:35

VLAN tagging using TP link EAP and managed switch

Hi, I'm using a TP link managed 8 port switch with an EAP670 access point and wish to have multiple SSIDs mapped to different VLANs. When I refer to the TP link guide (linked below), it says to make t
Forums/ Switches
By Pedza 2023-02-16 13:54:19

VLAN Trouble

Dear All, We have VLAN trouble with this switch. We have 4 VLANs created - Default (1), LAN (41), CCTV (61), SIP (61). Ports 1-23 on the switch are joined to Default VLAN and one of VLANs above as unt