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2023-02-01 05:53:38
RE:Add local DNS server to ER605
MUST HAVE FUNCTIONALITY. Returning all my gear for something else, at a spend of over $1100 for what I bought I am not accepting no DNS. Not going to accept "use a host file" or "setup external...
Forums/ Requests & Suggestions
2023-02-01 05:48:58
Re:Add local DNS server to ER605
@Fae Are there any of your Omada routers that have DNS / Hostname resolution? Every router i have had over the last 20 years has had some sort of host name resolution. I was moving from Google Wifi...
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2022-12-29 08:52:18
New TP-Link Omada User / Noob / Confirm setup
Hello All It has been many years since i have done any network equipment setup and I have a couple questions regarding the way i should set all this up and if my plan is good or not. I am building...