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Forums/ WiFi
2022-08-29 03:57:27
EAP225 Outdoor - any trick to getting it working?
Any trick to getting an EAP225 outdoor to connect to a hardware controller? I am ust getting ogoing but two regular ceiling/wall mount EAP'245's simply showed up on the OM200 device list ready to be...
Forums/ Routers
2022-08-28 08:41:19
ER605 issues
Off to a rather inglorious start to what I thought would be a simple upgrade from an earlier TP-Link router. I did not want to simply replace the old router anbd start configuring with the ER605 plus...
Forums/ General Discussion
2022-08-25 05:26:52
Small multi-site network
I have three sites, each with a small network. The three are then interconnected using IPSec VPN tunnels. The primary site is my house. The other two sites are a second house (hundreds of miles away)...