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By MrLister 2021-08-25 10:18:13

Maintain preferences (eg column sorting and num items per page) in Omada SDN

It would be great if preferences like column sort order and number of items per page could be saved across sessions in Omada SDN web interface. Currently on the Client and Insight screen it always res
Forums/ Requests & Suggestions
By MrLister 2021-08-17 07:45:17

View DHCP leases in Omada SDN

I would like to be able to view and terminate DHCP leases. Assigning a static lease to a client is a laborious process (Omada SDN 4.x) and doesn't always take effect, with the client receiving a diffe
Forums/ Requests & Suggestions
By langamer101 2021-03-09 05:53:36

[add feature] cant set static IP outside the DHCP range for clients

using omada controller 4.2.11 and a tl-r605 I have servers, and some devices that need to be static ip. I would like to set a static IP to my clients within [] outside the dhcp range of
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By Frankfurts 2021-08-12 10:25:37

TL-R605 v1.0 DHCP not working new update

I just updated to the new 1.1.1 firmware and I'm now having issues where DHCP isn't working properly. Certain devices will connect but others won't. I assume once the DHCP resevation is up they all wo