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By Fae 2021-03-04 02:14:44

[New Firmware] The firmware v1.1.1 has been released for both ER605 and ER7206 by August 9, 2021

Hi All, This thread will be updated once there is a new firmware released in the future, welcome to subscribe. To avoid bothering you with unrelated messages, this thread will not allow replying from
/ Omada Cloud SDN
By WackyWRZ1 2021-05-26 13:34:14

Re:Omada 4.3.5 drops WAN on controller reboot

@nrgbistro It seems even those with the hardware controllers are having this issue. There are 2 other separate threads on here with people having the same issue as well. I've excluded this vm from sna
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By Libik 2021-04-11 08:11:00

Autoreconnect Client-to-Site VPN ER605

Hello, I am using SDN Linux Controller 4.2.11. I have made several client-to-site VPN connection and they are working fine, but when connection drops, I have to manually disable and reenable this VPN
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By Philbert 2021-01-07 20:43:08

Re:TL-R605 new model - Omaha adoption problems

@Shedbuilder I had the same issue where my Switch, OC200 and EAPs where on the 1.x range and the new R605 failed to adopt.. Fixed it by changing the LAN interface in SETTINGS > WIRED NETWORKS to match
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By shberge 2021-02-02 18:47:48

Re:DHCP server (TL-R605) not working anymore

@Fae I upgraded to new firmware yesterday and no errors so far, the new firmware seems to use much less memory and cpu and that is positvt.