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By MvdB 3 weeks ago

Login dialog does not remember credentials

Although the log in page offers an option to stay logged in, this does not work on any of my machines (iOS, windows 7, 10 & 11). Would be nice to fix.
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By BhavinPatel 2023-05-20 10:11:37

Manage Sophos XGS 126 and XGS 116 firewall from TP Link Omada

Hello All, We are planning to get TP Link network solutions. Now at evaluation stage we have been confused at point where we need clarification. For firewall we are considering Sophpos XGS 126 and XGS
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By Dizzy49 2023-04-29 08:48:15

Connected New EAP650 Outdoor, now OC200 is Bouncing On and Offline.

I hooked up a new EAP650 Outdoor yesterday and imported into my Omada setup from the controller. Everything seemed to go fine. Today I noticed my internet was acting oddly, and my wife and daughter we
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By CB_NE 2023-04-21 02:08:28

How to disable a switchport through the Omada controller

I am looking for the feature to shut or no shut a port if I want to use it or not. Frustrating not to find it easily through the Omada cloud GUI. I know this is available when in standalone mode. Stan
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By netlabguy 2023-03-06 23:17:03

adding a pfsense firewall to Omada SDN system

I am running an Omada system with router, controller, and a L2+ and L2 switch and a few EAPs. The router is directly connected to my modem. I want to add a pfsense firewall to have more control over t
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By AngelK 2023-02-22 11:19:51

Clients in MESH are displayed incompletely

Since apparently the German community is not so strongly represented, I try it again in the English-speaking forum: The following setup: SG2428P > EAP610-Outdoor > EAP225-Outdoor > SG1005P > LAN Clien