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By Rexie 2024-03-05 22:28:13

ER605 v2.0 Version 2.2.4 - Frequently adopting

After upgrading our ER605 v2.0 to Version 2.2.4 - it is frequently "adopting". The whole network cannot get a valid ip address.
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By Lens 2022-06-13 18:00:27

iphones kicked out of guest network before voucher expires

Hi has anyone the same issue? Some of my guest get kicked out of the guest network. In my case the vouchers expire after first use so I need to provide a new one to authenticate again. It only concern
Forums/ WiFi
By Rexie 2022-07-11 20:15:20

Firmware Version 5.0.9 Build 20220429 Rel. 43558 is not stable

In case someone encounter it , firmware Version 5.0.9 Build 20220429 Rel. 43558 is not stable -problem is devices running on 2.4G cannot connected, some 5G are frequently disconnected . downgrading to
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By Ne. 2022-06-15 14:28:28

how to troubleshoot fail Adoption of EAP245v3

I've had trouble getting EAP245's to adopt/provision after upgrading Omada Controller to latest version (5.3.1). I've removed and reinstalled Omada Controller and I've reset the AP's and can connect t
Forums/ Switches
By Rexie 2022-04-20 08:28:38

TL-SG3210 Jetstream Switch PoE is not working on EAP225 indoor AP

Hi all, any one here experiecing problem working on TL-SG3210 Jetstream Switch PoE- is not working on EAP225 indoor AP. I manage the swithc and AP via c200 controller. I already manually enable the Po
Forums/ WiFi
By Njk1862 2021-06-21 16:34:19

Problem with Omada not assigning IPs on VLAN networks

Hi, I have a Omada setup with a TL-R605 router, TL-SG2210MP, OC200 and a bunch of EAP225 omada access points. When I try to create a VLAN network and use it with wireless SSIDs all the devices connect