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By 4Bob 2022-10-09 09:14:03

missing port status

Hello, I have now completely switched my network to Omada products and after initial problems now have a very good result. One thing I would like to clarify, maybe someone can help me here. Under Serv
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By 4Bob 2022-06-29 18:53:23

Setup EAP615-Wall

Dear community, I have the EAP610 in use via Omada 5.3.1 software controller, works fine, In my office the signal is not sufficient and I add the small EAP615-Wall. This is absolutely great for my pur
Forums/ Switches
By 4Bob 2022-06-20 19:58:57

TL-SG2008P | ssh connection failed

Hi, Need help with the ssh login to my new switch. Any chance to get more logs from it? Its connected to Controller Software 5.3.1, ssh is enabled (default port 22). I'm running out of ideas right now
Forums/ WiFi
By 4Bob 2022-06-20 18:20:28

EAP610 power consumption

Hi, I am using the PoE SW TL-SG2008P v3.0 + AP EAP610(EU) v2.0. Omada (Controller Software 5.3.1) shows me that the switch port power is about 5 watts. The switch alone with 2x GB up-links consumes 4