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By Fae 2020-12-31 08:46:50

Get the Latest Omada SDN Controller Releases Here - Subscribe for Updates

Latest Firmware Release > Early Access < Omada SDN Controller_V5.13.30.4 Beta (Updated on Jan 9th, 2024) Update Note: Add the following controller firmware for early access. Check now >> Omada_SDN_Con
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By Hank21 2023-07-21 01:08:06

ER605 V2_2.1.4_Build 20230727 Beta Firmware For Trial (Released on Aug 2nd, 2023)

This Article Applies to: ER605 v2 / v2.6_2.1.4_20230720 (Beta) | Fully adapted to Omada SDN Controller v5.11 Update as of Aug 2, 2023: Thank you all for your valuable feedback on the ER605 2.1.4_20230
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By ChuckyP 2023-07-15 23:46:14

Creating a VPN between ER605 router and an OpenVPN Access Server

Hi everyone, I need to connect a client site with an ER605 router (managed by an OC200 controller) to an OpenVPN Access Server hosted in Azure. There is nothing particularly complicated about the conf
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By Fae 2021-03-04 02:14:44

Get the Latest Firmware Releases for Omada Routers Here - Subscribe for Updates

Latest Firmware Release > Early Access < ER8411 V1_1.2.0_Build 20240112 Beta Firmware for Omada Controller V5.13 (Released on Jan 12th, 2024) ER605 V2_2.2.3 Build 20240112 Beta Firmware for Omada Cont
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By flips01 2023-07-01 19:24:07

Omada Firewall Gateway ACL setup

Hi! Configuring my first Omada (and TP-Link) router/firewall. Wanted to double check that I understand this correctly. If I create this rule (screenshot below), Denying [WAN] IN, TCP&UDP from IPGroup_
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By flips01 2023-06-23 20:08:52

Omada Router as VPN client

Hi! In Site Settings -> VPN -> VPN: I'm trying to figure out how to connect this router to an external VPN server of mine. (This Omada router is connected only through an LTE network, external modem u