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By Clive_A 2023-09-27 06:12:09

ER707-M2 V1_1.1.1 Build 20230927 Beta Firmware for Omada Controller v5.12 (Released on Sep 27, 2023)

This Article Applies to ER707-M2 V1 / V1.6_1.1.1_Build 20230927 (Beta) Fully adapted to Omada SDN Controller 5.12. Release Notes New Feature/Enhancement 1. Add ACL support for IPv6 data. 2. Add suppor
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By Daniel2908 2023-09-07 04:16:48

Add client to policy routing omada controller / ER

Hi, i would like to add some ip adresses to policy routing for using a special wan port. With Omada Controller 5.12.8 and my ER707 i can make groups by mac but i cant add mac groups to policy routing.
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By Daniel2908 2023-09-05 04:48:38

Question about 10Gbps TP LInk sfp+ modul - enable flow control when peer connection has not 10 Gbps

Hi, in the Maual to the 10Gbit SFP+ transceiver it is written that you have to enable flow control on the port when the peer connection has not 10 Gbps. In omada controller, when i select the uplink p
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By Daniel2908 2023-08-18 05:10:51

Searching for 10G BASE-T RJ45 SFP+ Module with 100m

Hi, does anyone know an 10G BASE-T RJ45 SFP+ Module with 100m (not 30m) ? Searching for connecting two TL-SX3008 Thanks
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By DaKings 2023-08-10 04:41:08

Catch 22 OMADA ER8411 10G to 1G WAN

Installing an 8411. Using 10G SPF+ port to connect to a modem with 1Gig port. The issue is the 10G port does not auto negotiate, it is default to 10Gig full duplex. Ah, no big deal, right? Just log in
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By Noorthbynorth 2023-06-17 17:36:18

ER707 M2 FIrmware 1.1.0 - Causing DISCONNECT on Omada 5.9.31

upgraded firmware for er707 successfully via Omada controller. Then router is now longer able to connect to Omada controller. Controller list ER707 as DISCONNECT. No amount of reboot and firewalling b