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By Mikram 2023-12-27 13:38:34

EAP610 downlink does not give correct ip address from the switch

Hello everyone this is my setup below ER605 -> OC200 -> SG2210P -> EAP610(ROOTAP) ----wirelessbackhaul---> EAP610 (CHILD AP) ---wired thru eth port of CHILD AP---> pc ---- other wireless connection --
Forums/ WiFi
By Mikram 2023-12-26 13:56:11

Cannot print via CUPS between VLANS

Hello everyone. I have an omada stack ER605 -> TL-SG2210P -> EAP610 (PARENT) ---> EAP610 (CHILED Meshed) -> OC200 I've been configuring a Guest VLAN with a subnet of and a IoT VLAN wi
Forums/ WiFi
By Mikram 2023-12-18 14:39:48

Can a meshed EAP can be powered with a ordinary POE switch and supply connection to wired devices?

Hello everyone, i can't explain very much what i intended to do. However, i just wanted to know if a OMADA meshed EAP (any compatible model) supply the connection whiles being powered by a POE switch.
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By Mikram 2023-12-16 06:33:08

Can A EAP615-Wall be part of an Omada Mesh

This is what i plan to setup I have an ER605 and i wanted to connect it to a EAP615-Wall and have a mesh setup Is below possible? Basically im setting EAP615-Wall as the source and other EAP will be p