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By Journeyman 2020-06-16 03:37:14

Setting up Gigabit switch - tl sg-1210p

I just pruchased, in error, an unmanaged switch, tl sg-1210p. Note there is no tl sg-1210p model to choose in the list. Not sure how but it happened. The reason for buying it was to set up a VLAN for
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By Cabuzzi 2020-06-16 18:12:09

TL-ER5120 Access Control not working

I have a NAT rule to send 3389 from outside my network to a particular system behind the TL-ER5120. I then have an Access Control setup only to allow 3389 to that computer, through my WAN, if I'm conn
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By AMOHAN 2020-06-17 14:44:37

NOT ALL DHCP Clients are visible

I am using TL-R600VPN v4.0 for last 3 days. I have almost 4 laptops, 6 mobile phones, 1 Raspberry Pie , 1 Alexa, 1 Amazon Fire Stick, 1 HP Network Printer, 1 Tp Link Archer C6 , 1 Tp Link Archer A9, 1
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By YorksHillbilly 2020-06-18 11:52:39

TL-R470T+ Xbox One NAT issue

Hi everyone, thanks in advance for looking I've installed the TL-R470T+ Load Balancer inbetween 2 WAN connecions (Virginn Fiber + Sky ADSL) and my Primary Router (Google Wifi). After this sits a TL-SF
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By PeterWBaker 2020-06-18 16:04:47

Recommendation for Fanless network switch with 16+ ports must support 802.3ad LACP

Hi, hopefully a simple question/recommendation request for my home office solution. I currently have a Cisco SG200-8 switch that works fine but I need more ports as my network hub has grown. Requireme
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By FMN 2020-06-19 02:49:20

TL-R600VPN allow windows client L2TP

I need to know if TL-R600VPN allow remote users to connect to the office using L2TP VPN? I have a small office of 5 users that need to connect to office via VPN. Is the TL-R600VPN router can be set to