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By IMN Wednesday

IP Changing

Hello I have TL-ER5120 load balancer connected to 4 WAN lines. always when i try to access cpanel sites keeps saying ip has changed. is there any way to keep the IP fixed during the session or any oth

Can the TL-ER5120 V4 load balancing router support EAP SSID to VLAN mapping ?

We were truing to setup a large WiFi Access network in our apartment with EAP models and a Load Balancing Router (from UTT brand) and faced issues. The discussion is here:
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By scvideo a week ago

T1600-28TS SYS light remains dark; no web management access

Switch is being used in a portable production unit, so only used occasionally, not full-time service. On power up occasionally Power light stays on but SYS light stays dark. When this happens DHCP doe
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By Marecz a week ago

Proper Hardware and Network Architecture by TP-LINK (idea of network in small business)

Hello, I'm going to implement a network system in my small company 10 - 20 workers and growin up with 2 WAN, WI-FI, VPN, Servers and more in most proffesional way. I'm wondering if idea of create netw
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By Darksigns a week ago

Date/Time setup is missing from web interface CLI system-time also doesn't work

Hello, I have two from this switch and would be nice to see logs with correct date/time, but there is no possibility to set correct Time in web interfce. i tried ssh /telnet also without success: 1. S
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By MaxVec a week ago

T1600G-52TS: CPU rising threshold and network crash

Hi, Our customer have a problem in his network which is based on six T1600G-52TS switches. Some days the switches cpu goes up to 90% and the newtork crashes resulting in a force reboot of all the swit