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By Guill73 Thursday

TL-ER5120 / Load balancing problem

Hi, I've just finish setting up my router but I've might have done something wrong 'cause it is not working like I would... I hope that somebody could help me with this... Here is my setup and what I
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By Lincon Friday

Unable to get VLAN to work on SG105E v3

Hello everyone,, I'm trying to create a WLAN VLAN connection on my SG105E v3 firmware 1.0.0 Build 20171214 Rel.70092. What I'm trying to do is move my NAS device to VLAN from my current network setup
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By W.Smith a week ago

Access Virtual Server from LAN

Trying to set up a virtual server. When configured via Transmission->NAT->Virtual Servers, I can access the server from any *REMOTE* IP Address, but cannot access from any *LAN* IP Address. For this e
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By Erin 2014-01-22 06:50:45

can't get the ip to work

Region : UnitedStates Model : TL-R600VPN Hardware Version : V2 Firmware Version : ISP : AT&T I am having trouble using the ip provided on my router which is It opened at one time, but now
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By marius_serfas 2018-05-16 19:23:18

Port forwarding TL-ER6020 V2 router

Model : Hardware Version : Firmware Version : ISP : Hello, I need help for port forwarding: I need to do port forwarding for example source IP x.x.x.x (it's client IP o other network) connecting to my
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By Gilles a week ago

TPLink AC500 - Cannot set up GE1 to be in our infrastructure vlan

Dear everyone, I want to know if someone can help me on how to set up properly my TP-Link AC500. I cannot put it into my infra vlan (vlan3) with a specific ip range (ex: 10.64.0.x) I can set it up man