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Forums/ Pharos Wireless Broadband
By V3ni 2020-01-12 14:09:08

AC50 Controller for Accesspont

Hey Guys, My Setup: Fritzbox AC50 und 4x CAP1750 i was thinking, to connect the hardware like this: Internet->FritzboxRouter->Switch Switch to CAP1750 Switch to AC50 Switch to other devices But i cant
Forums/ Omada EAP
By nogueiratech 2019-12-09 03:35:27

Omada Controller on Ubuntu

Hi, I need to install eap controller on Ubunut VM. If anyone have a guide to help me, please aswer this topic.
Forums/ Omada EAP
By R1D2 2019-06-02 13:44:02

✶Update 09/2020✶ Omada Controller 3.2.10 for Debian, Raspbian and other Linux systems

Looking for Omada SDN Controller Linux version? It's here. Last Update: 2020-09-07 [Update: To allow for version switching between different versions of the controller, V3.2.10 received an upgrade. Yo