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By mati2762 7 hours ago

Connect to Omada Controller

Hi Everyone, I latest connect to Omada Cloud to check features in omada but when I deatached my device I had to restart device to default settings because I losed access to standalone mode. So i need
Forums/ Business Routers
By TReimann 2 weeks ago

Port forwarding malfuction?

Hello dear forum, I am desperate and hope that your swarm knowledge can help me. The topic is NAT type and problems with port forwarding. The following physical setup: I have Vodafone as my ISP (Cable
Forums/ Business Routers
By mati2762 3 weeks ago

Disable access to HTTP manage server in specific VLAN

Hi I can't find any options how to disable HTTP server in my router ER8411 in specific VLAN. Any ideas?
Forums/ Business Routers
By Pascal 2 weeks ago

ER8411- NAT - Virtual server - large range of ports translation not working - both SDN/SA modes

Hello, I have replace the TL-ER6120 v3 with a ER8411 1.0.2. I'm now facing front of big issue with range ports forwarding needed by my server. In controller mode (OC300 5.7.6) : First bug when I tried
Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
By itsupuls 2022-12-27 04:47:12

Find Unusual Traffic source from Omada Network

Hi, All users in my network always get this message and must solve the Captcha whenever we want to do some Google Search i have 140+ client on the network, which is quite hard to do antivirus scan on
Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
By Pascal 2022-05-09 15:52:28

TL-ER7206 showed as disconnected into Controller, How to remotely reboot ?

Hello, @Fae I'm facing a uncomfortable situation. One of my sites is showing the router as disconnected. Internet work fine but but i can't manage this site network anymore with the controller. Is the