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By Yoschii Wednesday

Port Forwarding for HTTP

Hej Folks, I have a Raspberry Pi 4 and want to run a little http server that I can access remotely. I have a little index.html file, that prints "Hello World" and start the simple server via "python3
Forums/ Powerline Adapters
By Matronster Wednesday

wpa7617 kit blocking some traffic

Hi! I am having an issue with my Powerline WPA7617 kit that is driving me crazy. I have internet connection through Starlink, which is then connected to a Powerline adapter through Ethernet. Now, when
Forums/ Range Extenders
By smitchell4130 Yesterday

Is the TP-Link Model RE315 compatible with BT router (Smart Hub 2)

Hi, I can connect TP-Link (model RE315) to the BT router (Smart Hub 2) and all the lights are green, but after a few days, I can no longer connect to the extended networks. Is the extender compatible
Forums/ Range Extenders
By lutoaicaanda Wednesday

RE450 DE

Forums/ Range Extenders
By minsiks Wednesday

Mesh usefulness in a large house with lots of double brick and stone construction

currently in house large front to back, constructed double brick and stone, lots of rooms, modem near front third of the building due to phone line point, and wifi struggling at several areas of the b