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By Obrenner 2023-07-08 09:49:46

EAP610 outdoor disconnect in Controler after Firmwareupdate

Hello, i have update the EAP610-outdoor to the new Firmware 1.2.0 firmware seems that it was successfull. The Controller says it is Disconnected. I have tried to reset and delete from the controller,
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By Obrenner 2023-07-08 06:59:43

Omada AX3000 Gigabit VPN Router

Hello, on TP-Link site i have found an Installation Guide für an Omada AX3000 Gigabit VPN Router but i didn't found any product Information... is this an new product of the Omada series? is there any
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By Obrenner 2023-07-02 09:47:17

Possible to use ER7212PC without build in Controller?

Hello i would like to build an Omada setup witch 1 headqurter there is one Software Controler, switches and EAP in planed to install. Firewall in HQ is planned to use an opnsense. i will use the ER721
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By Obrenner 2023-03-31 08:02:42

how is the correct Syntax to use Custom DDNS

Hello, i tried tu setting up the Omada Linux Controller V5.9.9 and ER7206 Router to use custom DDNS Service (German IPV64 net ). when i set my settings i get the message from the Screenshot when I try
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By WorkingOnIt 2022-04-12 18:08:34

Omada Hardware Controller 5.1.7 Release Date?

Is there a timeline for when version 5.1.7 will be released for the hardware controllers? I'm stuck being unable to migrate sites since the software controller is running 5.1.7 and the hardware contro
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By Fae 2022-02-10 10:34:48

Omada Controller_v5.1.6_Windows For Trial (Beta Edition) - [Closed on 23 May 2022]

Updated on 23 May 2022: So far, Omada Controller v5.1 has been officially released, Check this thread for details if you haven't noticed this update yet. Most of Omada EAP devices have released offici