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By TP-Link_Deco 2020-08-17 07:26:49

Re:Are TP-Link EAPs compatible with DECO mesh?

@Ysam Hello, As we mentioned previously, Deco can only build a mesh network with the Deco, it can't build a mesh network with the non-Deco devices. However, you can still connect the EAP225 to the Dec
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By Ysam 2020-12-07 13:20:34

Need advice on EAP225-outdoor to EAP indoor

Hi, I need advice. I have 2 eap225, one is connected to my isp router and the other one is in my other house(connected thru mesh). my tenants cannot connect to my wifi when inside the house. My questi
Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
By Ysam 2020-12-06 03:23:15

Omada Controller V4.1.5

I am trying to add another authentication using the portal using Facebook as an authentication option. I already have an existing using the hotspot as an authentication option. It seems that I do not
Forums/ Pharos Wireless Broadband
By Ysam 2020-08-24 07:59:52

EAP225 as AP and CPE220 as bridge

Hi, I have a EAP225 and I am planning on getting a CPE220 and use it as a bridge? or repeater. Is this possible? and, is it also possible to connect a router to CPE220 to distribute an internet connec
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By Ysam 2020-08-14 08:02:58

Connect Deco to EAP225

Hi, Can I connect Deco E4 to my EAP225?
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By Kevin_Z 2019-10-11 01:02:08

Re:Are TP-Link EAPs compatible with DECO mesh?

@ragnakore Hello, the Deco and EAP225-Outdoor supports mesh both, while they cannot build up ONE mesh network together. They are separated from each other. You can use the Deco to broadcast a mesh net