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The Access Point products are mainly designed to establish a wireless network, and, with multiple working modes, you can also expand your existing wireless network or provide internet access to your wired only devices. In this section you can say hello to other members, ask, answer or discuss technical topics regarding Access Points.
Access Points


PLEASE IGNORE THE MODEL SELECTION - I HAD TO CHOOSE ONE AND MY WIRELESS AP WAS NOT ON THE LIST I've just installed a TL-WA1201 wireless AP into my home network and wish to use it's multi-ssid feature
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By DrKalvin · Latest post a week ago by Harry-Kevin
I bought your TL-WA1201 for multi-SSID, but it is so unreliable that it is useless. On your support chat they told me it's a known issue, but can't give me a fix date and cannot offer an alternative (
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By Wizz · Latest post 2023-10-12 18:15:46 by Wizz
Hi I have two TL-WA1201 APs. One is in an area where relatively few devices connect and is abolutely fine. The other is in an area where eaily 25 plus devices connect (laptops/ipads/Echos and Particle
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By A_User · Latest post 2022-02-13 10:14:39 by Localhost