WA850RE EU v5.0 problems with internet connection

WA850RE EU v5.0 problems with internet connection
WA850RE EU v5.0 problems with internet connection
2018-03-24 18:46:52
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Model : TL-WA850RE
Hardware Version : EU V5.0
Firmware Version : 1.0.0 Build 20171218 Rel. 58240 (and any earlier releases)

Main router connected direct to internet: TL-WR1043ND

Setup was easy and everything went fine and it works quite good (as in attachment).
But after some time (its different sometimes 2-3 minutes, sometimes 10) it lose connection to the internet (or mayby to main router [COLOR=#000000]TL-WR1043ND) (mobile phone is still connected to WA850RE and has full wifi range but apperas notification that there is no connection to the internet).
In most cases internet backs in 1-5 minutes, but sometimes WA850RE need to be reset. It makes when internet is in usage (or shortky after reset), so I don't think it mayby caused by some suspend modes or something.

It's very annoing, and make device useless.

I tried all firmwares, and restored to default settings many times, different WiFi settings (no secured, WEP, WPA, WPA2 - always the same problem).

Is any solution to make something that device willbe usable? Maybe something in [COLOR=#000000]TL-WR1043ND need to be done?
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Re:WA850RE EU v5.0 problems with internet connection
2018-03-27 20:20:05
what is the distance between RE and Router? when internet stops on extender, can you login extender and router from devices which are currently connected to extender not main Wi-Fi?
also if the RE light is off which means extender lose connection to TL-WR1043ND. we can fix the channel on 1043 to 1 or 11, channel width to 20Mhz.
by the way, have you tried firmware upgrade for both unit? if no, you can try that first.