Issue with PPTP VPN connection in Archer C3150 V2

Issue with PPTP VPN connection in Archer C3150 V2
Issue with PPTP VPN connection in Archer C3150 V2
2019-05-06 15:33:55
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version: 2.1.0 0.9.1 v005f.0 Build 170927

I am using Archer C3150 V2 with the following details of firmware.


Firmware Version:2.1.0 0.9.1 v005f.0 Build 170927 Rel.57074n


Current  Network setup

Archer C3150 router IP Address : and storage device IP Address


I am planning to use PPTP VPN to connect my locally connected storage device from remote location.


So I enabled PPTP VPN with Subnet :


When I am connecting VPN from remote location VPN getting established. but i cannot able to access storage device. even i cannot getting ping reply from


But i can able to access Router( login page via browser. and i am getting ping reply for via Diagnostic tool in router after VPN connection.


Which means Connection getting established properly to the router with help of vpn. it cannot communicate between local devices after that.


kindly help me to resolve the issue.



additional info: when i am trying to ping my (domainname)  - no reply.


tested my friend's domain who uses the same method with Archer C60 and its working all which i said above. :( basic model router works nicely my bit higher version not working properly.

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Re:Issue with PPTP VPN connection in Archer C3150 V2
2019-05-07 01:51:06



Below is the instruction to setup PPTP vpn on the C3150.


Please show us a screenshot of the status page and VPN settings page. 


Meanwhile, in order to access the storaged device remotely, except VPN, you can enable the port forwarding feature to do that as well.


May it help and have a nice day.