Slow Wi-Fi Speed on Deco M4

Slow Wi-Fi Speed on Deco M4
Slow Wi-Fi Speed on Deco M4
2020-06-30 07:28:07
Model: Deco M4
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version: 1.1.8



I bought a Deco M4 2 units pack few days ago and while it´s allowing me to reach the "shadow zones" of my apartment, it´s not going as expected in terms of speed.


My ISP is providing me with a 600/100 fiber speed and I have several issues.


1. The DECO unit connected directly to the router (right next to it) provides full 600/100 when devices are connected to it via ethernet cable but goes down to 400/100 when devices are connected via wifi right next to it. This may be ok, but still.. 200mb loss right next to the unit.

2. The other DECO unit, the slave one, is in the other extreme corner of the house (it´s a normal apartment 80m2 and 2 walls between the router/main deco unit and the slave one).

This unit will allow me to go only up to 200/80 in the good days with an average of 150/50. 


Considering that I bought it mainly to connect my laptop (with really bad wifi card) to the slave deco via ethernet cable and get a decent internet speed I may be happy.. but other tests show me that, using my mobile phone, I get 230/100 if connected directly to the 5G network of the ISP router and 150/50 when connected to the slave router (same room, device and conditions).


The DECOs are in ROUTER mode (I also tested the ACCESS POINT with no improvement)

The QoS is set up to the ISP allowed speed (600/100) and I tried to give high priority to some devices with only slight improvements on the download speed.

I also tried to set up different speeds in the QoS section.

I also tried to move the slave deco in other rooms of the house, with no luck.


Speed is way better than with a normal powerline (I tried TP-LINK powerlines and got only 70mb in download in good days) but how can I improve the WiFi speed using the slave deco?

I bought it to increase coverage and speed but sometimes the WiFi signal coming from the ISP router is even better than the one coming from the slave unit.


Thanks for your help!





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Re:Slow Wi-Fi Speed on Deco M4
2020-07-12 21:13:48

@paolonata hello paolo!


i have the same issue here as you handle!! i have a 3 pack M4 unit (one master deco and 2 others slaves) with a fiber provider of 400/200 speed and barely i can get 300/180 or mostly a regular 250/150 via WIFI, with an ethernet cable i dont have issues i go the 400 speed, im starting to get annoy since im losing 200 fiber speed using wifi


I saw several post about this and i cant get a solution! seems the product it´s allowing to reach the "shadow zones" as they promisse but regarding the speed its a TOTAL FAIL RESULT.


Hope someone can help us with a solutions, otherwise the product will be a disspointing satisfaction.