Bruce Porter

Bruce Porter
Bruce Porter
2013-02-16 13:14:37
Region : Australia

Model : TL-WPA281

Hardware Version : V1

Firmware Version :


I have mac running the latest OSX I need to create security but do not have a disc drive for mini CD roms
What do I Do is there a guide
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Re:Bruce Porter
2013-02-16 13:36:45
The mini CD can not work with Imac. It will get stucked if you insert it into it. TP-LINK do not have any source that can install on the TP-LINK. Here are my own settings, hope this can help you:
1. Turn off the powerline adapter(small one) connected to your broadband router.
2.Connect TL-WPA281 to your MAC conuter by a Ethernet cable.
3. Set a static IP for your Mac computer
3.1Connect the MAC computer to the TL-WPA281 LAN port with the Ethernet cable in the package. Then Click the Apple menu and select System Preferences. When the System Preferences scre en appears, look for Network and click it.
3.2 In the Network panel, select Ethernet. In the Configure IPv4 field, select "Manually", and then fill in the parameters like below, and click Apply:
IP Address: Subnet Mask:
4. Login to the TL-WPA 281’’s management page:
Open Safari, type (the default IP of TL-WPA281) into the address bar and press enter, put in the default username and password which are both "admin", then click Log In.
5. Go to Wireless-->Wireless security-->Select the last one WPA-PSK/WP2-PSK. Go to PSK password-->Put a password into it-->Save.

This instruction is suitable for MAC and also Windows. Hope this can help you !