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2020-12-20 10:58:35 - last edited 2020-12-28 02:46:34
Model: CPE510  
Hardware Version:
Firmware Version:

Can anyone tell me if this looks good or should I have different numbers and how to improve the links.

I have one client and 2 hosts

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2021-01-20 03:45:21 - last edited 2021-01-20 15:30:55

@Ellib4 you can do it like that , depending the number of your main router


i don't know if you have one main router

then you connect


via lan cable to send internet out

you will have to explain your setup 


but what i do is this


either way it will work but i think is better to change the 2nd number

so you can have them on a different range, in case you need to access the router


this way you can use different DHCP servers 

instead of having or using just one


it really depends on your set up and what is you trying to accomplish




2021-01-20 08:22:19

@antoniooninato thanks for your reply, my main question was whether the numbers of the directional alignment looked good. The speed I get is only 15mbs at the main router as I am on satalite internet and about 9 at the end of the link. What is your experience? 

The set up is satalite decoder, eithernet cable to TP link archer c60 cable to cpe. 2 receiving CPE one at 50m away connected to a second archer c60, a second around 90m. All IP addresses work ok.  I can communicate with everything. 👍

2021-01-20 15:30:31 - last edited 2021-01-20 15:52:24

@Ellib4 hi i understand you should change channel width from 20 mhz to 20/40 

20 mhz is to give wifi to devices like iphones and ipads and you are using the dishes to recieve not to send

anyway those dishes are not to give wifi to devices

so you should change that setting to 20/40 that will give you better results


but if you are very far away then 20 should be a better setting

you have to change the setting then do a speed to find out which one is better for you


also go to distance settings and check auto, let the device set that setting for you, instead of you putting a number manually


if you already enter a number, erase it then write 0 and select auto


again if you are very far away then you have to enter the number of km manually

just like the previous setting, you have to change the setting

run a speed test, compared the results and select the setting that give you the fastest speed


i have 2 wbs210 and 2 wbs510

my speed is excellent


i can send and recieve perfectly fine, no problem

i also have a tp link 6120 that i use to add all my connection together



almost forgot

checking channels for interferance or heavily crowded channels is highly recommended

simply look for channels that has less people connect it to it

or use the ones that are not being used

adding a channel manually with less congestion, will give you better results


also since you are conecting to a non tp link dish

maybe you should lower the power just a bit 

run a speed test and if it drops the speed a bit then increase the power a little by 3db

until you reach the max speed


sometimes too much power can choke the device at the other side

meaning the access point


i only use 9 db or 12, i don't have to crank it all the way up to 27

the AP i connect to is like 10 basketball courts away


set the number in transmit power also set the same number in antenna gain just in case


in max tx rate , choose or select the higest setting = 300

2021-01-20 16:16:43

@Ellib4 the part that i don't understand, is why you have both dishes using the same channel

i think is better to assing a diferent channel for each dish

that way they don't affect each other signal


unless they are pointing to diferent places

if they are pointing to the same place, assigning a diferent channel for each dish is a better option


also if you have 15 mb and you recieve 9, i think that is not that bad, specially if you are very far away

a better setup will be to use one dish to send and the other one to recieve


anyway i'm sure that with some tweaking maybe you can increase the speed a bit better

best of luck

2021-01-20 18:19:39

@antoniooninato thanks for your reply, I have done most of your recommendation already, I will try the others. I am in the middle of nowhere so there is no other traffic. I have two receivers at different buildings. There is a hill that gets in the way a bit and I have to align them both to get the best results in each building. I have changed it to 20/40 after I read up on it. I have realined them and have some improvement. Thanks again Ellis

2021-01-21 02:57:41 - last edited 2021-01-21 03:07:36






this my setup, i have had many tp link routers during the years

including the archers which are very good, high power routers, cpe units etc


right now my 2 wbs210 are disconnected because i need to install a new stronger, wider tube or pole

because the wind here is a bit wild 


i already installed the 510 in the new tube, i only have to do the 210

anyway, i connect to 2 different AP that are a bit far away

they are not even dishes, they are regular routers, not tp link either

the arris are probably one of the worse routers when it comes to wifi signal strength

but i'm still able to connect to them not even using the full power of my antennas or dishes


i connect each dish to a different arris router

then i connect the lan cable from each dish to my 6120

then i connect my ax6000 to the 6120


everything works perfectly fine 

both connections are 60 mbps each

but after connecting both of my wbs520 to my 6120

i end up with 120 mbps, because it join them together


anyway good to hear that you have some improvement

it's been an honor

stay safe


2021-01-31 14:27:45

@antoniooninato Can i connect my CPE510 to a router with dual band frequency?



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