WA901ND bricked, TFTP reset not working.

WA901ND bricked, TFTP reset not working.
WA901ND bricked, TFTP reset not working.
2021-03-02 18:57:46 - last edited 2021-03-02 19:12:38
Model: TL-WA901ND
Hardware Version: V3
Firmware Version:



I recently tried to upgrade my WA901ND v3 to the latest firmware.

I didn't realize my mistake at first - but I updated using a wireless connection, and it immediately bricked the device.

I've been trying for hours to reset the firmware using TFTP, but I simply cannot get the request to show up.


The behavior right now is that the moment it's powered on the LAN (center) light and power light sre solid, and there is never any change.


There are 2 things that might hint to the problem here:

-I noticed that the network adapter says "network cable unplugged" at all times, even when the AP is powered on and connected.

-I also noticed that in the TFTP settings some websites recommend setting the "bind to" option in the settings to the custom IP address. When doing that - TFTP gives me an error (10049) stating that address is invalid (Might have something to do with the first point here)

-Using wireshark, I see absolutely no packets at any time


I'm clueless at this point and after a few hours of playing around with every possible combination of action on the TFTP procedure I still got nothing.

Any help would be appreciated!


Thanks :)