Multiple issues with TL-WPA4220 Kit

Multiple issues with TL-WPA4220 Kit
Multiple issues with TL-WPA4220 Kit
2021-03-04 18:53:01

I'm having a number of issues with my TL-WPA4220 Kit, and I hope someone here has a some advice.


By the way, the model is not in the dropbox above, so maybe I'm in the wrong community site? I couldn't find any other though. If there's a EU or UK community site, please direct me to it. Otherwise, here's the list of issues:


1. The powerline extenders randomly loose their wifi capability (they show up as not having wifi as a feature on the tpPLC app) yet still work through ethernet. I have to do a factory reset and re-pair them to get wifi back.


2. The powerline extenders randomly "un-pair". I have to re-pair them to get them back to normal.


3. The device name can't be changed in the tpPLC app. As soon as I refresh the devices page it reverts back to the default names.


4. I downloaded the latest firmware, but when I try to apply it through the system tab in, the .bin file gets rejected with a "Failed! Wrong file" message. I'm 100% certain that the file is correct. I downloaded it from the correct local website (uk) and it's for the correct hardware version (V4), and I'm specifying the ".bin" file.


5. I contacted support and they were less than helpful. They directed me to try with a different website ("en" instead of "uk"), but the problem persists. They think it's a hardware issue and told me to ship the whole kit to them for a replacement, but: a) I can't be without the kit as we're four people working and studying at home; b) as a software engineer I really don't think this is a hardware issue; I suspect support just couldn't find this particular issue on their issue database and default to replacing the device.


The system mostly works well, most days we don't have any issues, but I'd say once a week we have to pair or reset one of the devices. I have used another brand in the past and the experience was considerably worse, so I kind of accepted that this is the normal state of powerline extenders. It'd be nice to get these issues fixed though. :)


Thanks in advance for any advice.