TP-WA801ND with VLANs

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TP-WA801ND with VLANs
TP-WA801ND with VLANs
2013-02-28 00:08:51
Region : UnitedKingdom

Model : TL-WA801ND

Hardware Version : V1

Firmware Version : V1_120309

ISP : Cable & Wireless

Hi, I have several TP-WA801ND v1 wireless access points setup in the multiple SSID ID mode using tagged based VLANs (Using 2 of the 4 SSID's).

1. I am expierancing drops in wireless connectivity frequently every few minutes (It doesn't last long and solves itself). The wireless connection on a windows laptop for example will show it as disconnected and it can't connect to either wifi network, then it comes back of it's own accord within a couple of minutes. Or if it stays connected then I can get no internet access and then it will be back. This is a new setup and it has always been like this, I am not sure what I have missed\setup wrong:

AP in Multi SSID Mode with SSID1: Havilland VLAN 25 (secured with WPA2 Personnel Passphrase), 2nd SSID: Internet VLAN 20 (Open, guest internet access only). The other two SSID boxes are both blank, they all have the wireless channel set manually and these don't overlap. All other wireless settings are as standard.

IP Address: (All the AP's are on fixed IP's, on the Internet subnet range), DG: (This is a watchguard XTM 22), DNS: ISP DNS Servers

Havilland uses: addresses

DHCP is turned off on the AP's but enabled on the Watchguard for both IP Ranges and this servers the correct IP's

The switches are all HP level 2 managed gigabit, with the AP ports tagged for both VLANs and the relevant port tagged one for each VLAN to the watchguard

All cabled internal pc's and servers are using untagged VLAN1 and ip range

2. The second part is the wireless will be working and I can be connected to it but unable to ping the AP's or connect to them via a web browser. Restarting the AP's sometimes brings them back but they need this every few days. I have noticed this on other setups without the VLANs who use this model AP, so am wondering if it is a glitch in the firmware? I have tried enabling the ping watchguard but the AP doesn't seem to lose the ability to ping the DG more nothing can ping the AP.

Any help appreciated