How to keep the internet connection active

How to keep the internet connection active
How to keep the internet connection active
2021-04-01 09:59:30
Model: TL-MR3020
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Hi everybody,

I have an interesting problem.


I tried to use my mobile router MR3020 to provide an internet connection for the smart hub in one of my properties, in order to monitor temperature and humidity.

I use a TP-Link MA-180 as the dongle to provide the 4G connectivity.


For the first hour everything goes fine - the router connects to the Internet, the hub reaches the cloud server and so I can access the hub, read the sensor's data, etc.

However after one hour with no traffic the connection is shut down. At this point, of course, I can't connect any more to the router. My explanation is that:

  1. The mobile operator kills the connection after one hour because there's no traffic. There's no traffic because the hub doesn't send anything and unless I connect to the hub continuously the server doesn't poll ther hub
  2. When I finally want to read the sensor data, say after a week, the cloud server tries to reach the hub using the IP address of the killed connection - and of course it fails as there's no active connection


Is my understanding correct?

Is there any way to make the hub reachable via a mobile router?


Any help appreciated.




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Re:How to keep the internet connection active
2021-04-01 17:50:33





I'm afraid you can't do that on 4G networks. They cannot maintain the IP. On the provider I use, no incoming connection is possible.


My solution is to use a small PC (raspberry Pi should work too).

From there, I open an ssh connection to my remote PC.

And now, when I connect to my remote PC, I am automajically connected to my small PC.


You can have a look there for an explanation:



You have to do a script to recreate the connexion each time it falls (when 4G connection is closed, or change IP...)


I have some working (but not yet 100% reliable) code for centos (Window is BAD). I got the router one month ago only, so, it's still a work in progress.