Launch USBoverIPServer.exe -problems with the utility in Win 10

Launch USBoverIPServer.exe -problems with the utility in Win 10
Launch USBoverIPServer.exe -problems with the utility in Win 10
2021-04-13 12:55:05 - last edited 2021-04-13 15:45:21
Model: TL-PS310U
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version: 2.255.255.T0209



I have 8 TL-PS310U print servers running at the same time.

They are connected via the TL-SF1016D router to the TP-LINK Gigabit PCI Express Adapter (nothing else is connected to this adapter, not even the Internet is connected).

7 print servers work with Epson L805 printers

1 print server with Canon D1300 camera

I have the latest version of the TL-PS310U_V2_Utility_20191224 utility installed (from 2020),

but the problems it has are the same as the old utility when working in Windows 10 (checked-the same for 1909 and 20h2), namely:



1. The problem appears regardless of whether the print server is connected or not connected to the power supply. When the utility window is NOT minimized to the taskbar or minimized to the tray, the CPU consumption is~0.2%, but if the window is minimized to the taskbar, the CPU consumption is~25%


2. When the utility window is minimized to the tray/taskbar-sometimes (with a frequency of ~3 hours) because of it, the activity of the windows of other programs disappears. This manifests itself as follows: for example, you write something in Word, the activity of its window disappears and you can no longer write anything, so you activate the Word application with the mouse, but this is only enough for ~30 seconds, after which the activity of the Word window disappears again. And so you can repeat indefinitely (with any programs, not just with Word), but until you deploy TL-PS310U_V2_Utility_20191224 (exactly the same thing happens with the old utility), nothing helps. But if you deployed the utility, then everything will be fine, but it will last about 3 hours - then the problem arises again.



Has anyone else encountered such problems? Can you help me?