Windows 8?!

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Windows 8?!
Windows 8?!
2013-03-21 04:41:53
Region : CzechRepublic

Model : TL-WN851ND

Hardware Version : V1

Firmware Version :



Can you tell us, when you are planning to publish the drivers for Windows 8? Are you kidding us?

I tried everything! Restarting, copying old driver files, installing driver utility. ALL OF IT TOOK ME A HOURS OF MY FU*KING TIME (googling etc...).

AND it freeze the system ALL THE TIME.

It's my first product from TP-LINK and I think, it's going to be my last one.

Thanks for the FAST reply. Iam bit angry now.
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Re:Windows 8?!
2013-03-21 13:21:08
There is a successful case with regard to install the driver on windows 8 in compatibility mode. I remember once they had the beta driver for this card, if you have downloaded the beta driver, you may follow the steps below to install it:
a) Enter the Start scree
b) Press Windows key + C on your keyboard to show the Charms bar (If you have a touch screen: Touch the right edge of your screen and slide your finger to the center of the screen to show the Charms bar)
c) Search for Troubleshooting, Click Settings in the right column.
d) Click Troubleshooting. Click Run programs made for previous versions of Windows
e) Click next, select Not Listed. Click Next
f) Click Browse and select the Driver file that you downloaded.
g) Click next, click Troubleshoot program
h) Check The program worked in earlier versions of Windows but won't install or run now box
i) Click next, select the last known working operating system for this driver (probably Window 7)
j) Click Next
Hope that would help you.
Oh my god
2013-03-22 03:51:04
Oh god,

thanks for the reply, but you are wrong. It's of course not working. And other people said that too.

Please, seriously, do not answer, If you are completely wrong. It's on first link, if you google "windows 8 freeze tp-link" - Iam not an idiot, Iam working in IT department and the last reply is mine btw.

So. WHEN THE FU*K, it's not funny anymore.

Your FUCK*NG network card makes high DPC latency for the audio card (Asus Xonar DG, CM Storm Sirius, 6channel, 5.1) and it's fuck*ng cracking and sound shut down (Windows7x64 Ultimate) .

So I hoped windows 8 can help, but OMFG...

That's enough. Never ever again. GTFO TP-LINK, these cards are trash
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