TL-WA801N WIFI drops every 30sec Only with Motorola Cellphone

TL-WA801N WIFI drops every 30sec Only with Motorola Cellphone
TL-WA801N WIFI drops every 30sec Only with Motorola Cellphone
2022-07-23 21:36:48 - last edited 2022-07-25 00:57:26
Model: TL-WA801ND  
Hardware Version: V6
Firmware Version: last one

I recently changed my Old TPlink 150mbps TL-WA701ND Single antenna to a TPlink Dual antenna TL-WA801ND 300mbps, to see what would happen with the power/distance/speed of coverage of the WIFI signal.


I configured it as AP and in the same mode as my old one, in other words, It takes internet from a LAN cable and spreads via WIFI for the entire house.


Finally, every device in the house connects perfectly to it, such as IPad, Smart TVs, Notebooks, Roku, Smart devices power outlets, and other smartphones Alcatel, Samsung, but since the first day, we noticed that the only two android cellphones in my house, my wife’s and mine, are intermittently connecting…and disconnecting from this AP every 30seconds.


As I said, all the rest of the devices work seamlessly. Every device is in DHCP mode.


Note: The CISCO ROUTER of the cable company, is the DHCP server, but I turned off this feature in the AP to avoid using 2 DHCP server devices, which will produce network conflicts.

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Re:TL-WA801N WIFI drops every 30sec Only with Motorola Cellphone
2022-07-26 03:48:04

 hello  @Molleras 

May I know when issue occurs, does all the network devices lose internet from TL-WA801N or  only two Motorola phone keep lose connection while other network device works fine?

1. Please confirm your TL-WA801N is on the latest firmware (select hardware version first then download corresponding firmware) 

2. If only mobile phone lose internet connection,  is recommended to reach the phone support and confirm everything is up to date and you could try to reset Wifi settings on the phone and reconnect to AP's wifi network. 

3.  If you use the same SSIDs on the router and AP, you could use a different Wifi SSID for the AP in case your mobile device roams from router and AP's wifi 

May I know the model of your cell phone? Can I have aphoto of error message when internet drops outs? 




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