Deco X73-DSL will not initialise DSL

Deco X73-DSL will not initialise DSL

Deco X73-DSL will not initialise DSL
Deco X73-DSL will not initialise DSL
2023-11-24 08:18:13
Model: Deco X73-DSL  
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: V1_1.0.11 Build 20230911



Just upgraded from my old D-Link modem-router to the TP-Link Deco X73-DSL (EU).


WiFi set up went smoothly and works well throughout the house.


However, the modem refuses to initialise to DSL.  (Provider is AussieBroadband).


Using the app, the X-73 was set to 

Operation Mode: DSL Modem Router

Using "Quick set up"  Region - Australia. ISP - Other

DSL Connection type - VDSL

Internet Connection Type - Dynamic IP

MER - set to off

VLAN - set to off


The X-73 DSL light blinks intermittently, but does not sync.

The main light is steady red colour.


I have rebooted / reset the modem / re-input the parameters several times.

But this has made no difference - still blinking DSL light and main light steady red.


What am I missing???


(I have returned to using the old D-Link modem and it still works fine.)



Frustrated X-73 user

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Re:Deco X73-DSL will not initialise DSL
2024-03-18 08:14:08 - last edited 2024-03-18 08:14:32

Not sure if you are still having issues, but I have just setup my X73-DSL and I thought I had issues at first. The light just stayed red. For whatever reason, it seems to take some time (up to 10 min) when it is setup or rebooted for the DSL to finally kick in.


Have you tried just waiting a good period of time once you see the red light?



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