Deco Connectivity

Deco Connectivity

Deco Connectivity
Deco Connectivity
2024-03-10 08:39:40
Model: Deco S4  
Hardware Version: V3
Firmware Version: 1.6.1

Decos and devices appear to be connecting to the furthest away deco. Causing drops in the connection. Seemless roaming and beam forming have been disabled to try and keep a bit of stability on my network, even going as far as disabling 'mesh technology' on the worst effected devices.

I've tried rebooting the decos all at once and then rebooting the furthest deco in the hope devices connect to the closer unit but as soon as the other one comes back on it latches onto that. I've also rebooted the devices which on some cases solve the issue until the mobile or tablet devices go to another room then the problem starts all over again. In most cases turning aeroplane mode in and off reconects devices.

One of the more frustrating devices is the living room tv. 2 meters from the main deco which not only refuses to connect to the main L/R deco but the furthest deco which picture quality and service is constantly buffering an pixilated.

I've recently switched to decos from using the mercusy mesh. I work in networking and would assume these should be working smoothly just out of the box rather than needing to go into further complications. Turning beam forming / fast roaming and mesh technology seems to be defeating the purpose of the mesh?


I've also set the said TV to high priority also



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